About the children’s CHIP/Medicaid program in Idaho

About the Children’s CHIP/Medicaid Program in IdahoIdaho DHW brochure

Idaho has a Medicaid program (which covers children up to 133% of the Federal Poverty Level, or FPL), and an Expanded Medicaid program, also known as “CHIP”, which covers children up to 185% FPL. Combined, these programs are called as the “Idaho Health Plan: Coverage For Children”. Most Idahoans commonly refer to these programs as “Medicaid”.

What services are covered by the children’s CHIP/Medicaid program in Idaho?

In Idaho, services covered by children’s CHIP/Medicaid include:

  • Well-child visits
  • Immunizations
  • Doctor visits
  • Hospitalization
  • Prescriptions
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Other benefits

How can my child apply?

There are several ways for parents or caretakers to apply for Idaho’s CHIP/Medicaid coverage for their children. They can:

  • Fill out a short 3-page form to apply only for children’s CHIP/Medicaid coverage
  • Fill out the long form, which is an application for several types of benefits (including food assistance)
  • Go in to a local Idaho Department of Health & Welfare (DHW) office to apply (click here to find a local office, or call 2-1-1)
Here’s a tip:
Once an application is submitted, the application stays “open” for 45 days. The 45 day window begins on the date DHW receives the application. This means that if you receive a letter from DHW asking for more information, you still have time to send in the extra information and get your application approved!
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